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Why I do not believe in female hunters?

Such daring claim. Matthew, the male hunter, does not believe in female hunters. I know, I just may have had earned new label – chauvinist pig.. But you have got it all wrong. I used this provocative headline just in order to get you here. And now, when I succeeded –  “devilish laugh” – it is time to get to the point..

Truth is, I admire many female hunters. Mainly those which are not using solely their breasts and sexy Instagram photos to earn their piece of success in this highly competitive business. Great examples who come to my mind would be global star Eva Shockey and local rising star Maria – European Huntress. These girls love hunting, but at the same time keep decent and humble. And do not take me wrong, they have everything they may need to use their appearance and shallowness of many male hunters to take few steps forward, but they simply choose not to do so.

So what is this about??? It is simple. I just do not understand why we are always talking about female hunters… Why are they such sensation? Why do we need to label them as something special? Why do we need to make sure that they are perceived different from male counterparts? Why are there always words of doubt when it comes to their abilities of being good shooters, great trackers or dog trainers?

Honestly, I am glad that there are more and more girls among us. They bring different air into our cottages, they bring variability of opinion. And it has the same quality and relevancy as any other. So, it is about the time to stop looking at them differently. It is about the time to stop labeling them as some type of different sort.

They are here, they are same as us, they do it as good as we do. More importantly, they will help us to move forward in this changing world. Just treat them as you would any other hunter and do not label them according to their sex.

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Credit for the featured picture goes to David Bexendale.

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